Shuili Elementary School Principal

Shuili Elementary School Principal

The Principal was a very kind and gentle person. He seemed to really enjoy his job and the allowed the teachers to teach. I took many photos of him but this seemed to fit best with the Chinese characters in the back ground. He was sitting with us in a comfortable couch and chairs area. The Chinese characters were behind his desk. He also had lots of mementos in his office.

Shuili Elementary Student Removing Her Handmade Paper from a Tree

Shuili Elementary Student Removing Her Handmade Paper from a Tree

Sally was one of the best English speaking students. She really wanted to spend time speaking more English to us but there was little time with all the paper making going on. However, she was very creative.

Shuili Student Looking in the Window

Shuili Elem Students looking through window opening1986 copy-72dpi

Students can look into the teacher’s lounge through a series of windows. Terry, who speaks good English was a bit shy but this pose shows his positive personality very well.

Shuili Elementary Student Looking Through Window

Shuili Elementary Student Looking Through Window

There were a series of windows that looked out onto the hallway from the teacher’s lounge. Students would like in at what the teachers were doing. Some of the students posed while others played hide and seek with my camera. In most cases that shots were wonderfully framed or slightly offset as with this photograph.

English Teacher at Shuili Elementary School

English Teacher at Shuili Elementary School

The English Teacher seemed to be particularly enjoying the paper making experience.

Two Shuili Students

Two Shuili Students

One of the fun things about photographing while working in Shuili Elementary School was watching the students interact with Jane Ingram Allen and each other. The challenge, as witnessed by this photograph, is that you don’t always get a clear shot without heads and other body parts showing up. Even with the heads I particularly like the Chinese characters on red in the background.

Students and Teachers of Shuili Elementary School in PingTung County Taiwan

Students and Teachers of Shuili Elementary School in PingTung County Taiwan

My wife Jane Ingram Allen and I have been working with the Quanta Culture and Education Foundation based in Taipei to give children in three elementary schools the experience of paper making with local materials. Shuili was the last of the three school and the smallest with approximately 80 students from first through sixth grades. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

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