“Mom, Happy Mother’s Day”

2 snowy egrets with their mother.
Two snowy egrets are in their nest with their mother. This photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

Black Crown Heron Demanding Food

Black Crown Heron hatchling demand food.
This chick is less than a week old, and is demanding. This photo was taken, at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

Red Shouldered Hawk

Checking its surroundings. This photo was taken at Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

Red Shouldered Hawk Waiting for its Mate

Hawk standing on the edge of the nest
This hawk was sitting in the nest with only a head showing when it climbed up. Its mate showed up shortly thereafter. This photo was taken at the Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.

A Pair of Red Shouldered Hawks

A pair of red tail hawks
The mate had just flown in and was feeding the young. Photographed at Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, California.


Great egret extending her wing over her hatchlings.
This is a similar photo published earlier. This one has the mother’s head turned to give her a greater connection to her hatchlings. This photo was taken at the W. 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California.

results the Mating Ritual

two night herons mating
Following the mating ritual these two black crowned night herons mated. This photograph was taken at the 9th Street rookery, Santa Rosa, California

Conflict, Welcome or I want your attention?

two birds
By watching cow egrets and other bird behaviors, it appears that these two may be paired and one is greeting the other after returning. Although, it does appear that one is ignoring the other.

Long Neck

Night heron extending its neck.
We normally don’t see night herons extending their necks. This one makes me realize that this species of herons do have long necks. Taken at the W. 9th St. rookery, Santa Rosa, California. To know more about the habits of this bird go to the Audubon website, https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/black-crowned-night-heron

A Pair of Great Egrets Greeting Each Other

W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California

Apple Tree Blossoms

apple blossoms
This tree grows in our backyard. It produces golden delicious apples that are wonderful.

Sonoma County Vineyard with Early Sping Mustard Growing

Spring Vineyard
Look down from Nelligan Road over the Kunde Family Vineyards to Hwy CA-12.

Autumn in the Sonoma County Vineyards

Fall in the Sonoma County Vineyards
Looking up from CA-12 over the Kunde Family Vineyards toward Nelligan Rd.

An Iconic Bridge

A Postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge

A Magnificent Ficus Tree

This tree is located on CA-74 in Palm Desert California. It is about 30′ or 9 meters tall.

Kunde Vineyard

This is one of my favorite place to photograph year around. There is pull off that rises above the vineyard for great shots.

Mustard, Trees and Vines in B&W

Black and White vineyard
This was the same image I posted yesterday. I would like your reaction to this B&W vs. the color image. Thank you.

Mustard, Trees and Vines

Mustard Growing in the Vines at B.R. Cohen Winery in the Valley of the Moon, Sonoma Wine Country, California.

Early Morning Light

Early Spring in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country.

The Whole Sweet Gum Tree Seed

Whole Sweet Gum Tree Seed
This image was taken using a focus rail and my 16-300mm Tamron lens. 21 images were taken and then blended in Photoshop. The seed is about 3 cm. or 1.1811 in. in depth.

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