Looking Out

View of the Hudson River and New Jersey from the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Looking at the Statue of Liberty

This is the view from the Edge looking at the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The Edge is located in Hudson Yard and is 100 stories above the ground, and gives viewers a 360-degree view of New York and New Jersey.

Looking North

This view from the Edge looking toward the George Washington Bridge in New York City. The Edge is located in Hudson Yard and is 100 stories above the ground, and gives viewers a 360-degree view including New York and New Jersey


After drinking water. Franklin Park Zoo, Boston, MA

Drinking Water

How does a giraffes get the water from it’s mouth to its stomach 10 or more feet away. According to the article, “How Do Giraffes Drink Water” in Inside Science. A biological plunger pump is used. “In the model proposed by the researchers, the giraffe’s lips form one valve of the “pump” while the animal’s epiglottis, located at the back of the mouth, is the other. To start, the giraffe sinks its puckered lips into the water and then pulls back its jaw, allowing water to rush into the mouth while keeping the epiglottis “valve” closed. Next, the giraffe clenches its lips, relaxes the epiglottis, and pumps its jaw so that the captured water is pushed into the esophagus.” Here is the link to the article: https://www.insidescience.org/news/how-do-giraffes-drink-water

A afternoon photo of Jamaica Pond near Boston.

Passing Under

A ferry and oilier pass under the Golden Gate bridge shrouded in fog.

More Walking By

Sitting on a bench watching people walking by on a rainy day in Cambridge, MA.


Seagull flying with crab
The seagull just grabbed this crab and was flying to a dry spot to eat it. Salmon River Estuary north of Lincoln City Oregon.

Two Seals or its reflection

seals or a reflection
I took this photo on the Salmon River Estuary north of Lincoln City, Oregon.

Enjoying the View

Crane Cove Park, Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA


Two Canadian geese bathing in a pond.
Two Canada Geese bath in one of the ponds in the Ellis Creek area. Petaluma, California.

Touch Down

Canadian goose landing on water
A Canadian goose coming in for a landing at Ellis Creek, Petaluma, California.

Iconic View of the Golden Gate

This photo is taken from Fort Point at the very north end of the bay in San Francisco. A polarized filter was used.

Autumn in the Sonoma County Vineyards

Fall in the Sonoma County Vineyards
Looking up from CA-12 over the Kunde Family Vineyards toward Nelligan Rd.

Autumn in Dry Creek Valley

Sonoma Wine country
Vines are turning reds and yellows marking the end of productive season in the vineyards of Sonoma County, California.

An Iconic Bridge

A Postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge

Drakes Beach

Beach scene
This is part of the Point Reyes National Seashore on the Pacific coast of California.

Oh No! I’m Going to Get Wet, Again

Water ride at a carnival
Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa, California

Two People Enjoying the Sunset

Sunset View

Pacific coast seaside scene near the Miller Boat Launch in Marin County, California

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