Color Studies

Green and Yellow

Color studies is an unusual category in that it does not seem to fit anywhere else. I find that looking into a box and seeing colors in various magnitude is fascinating and challenging. I generally do not rearrange objects but move my camera around to find the best composition. Other times colors pop out and they demand your attention. That is true with some of the signs I have shown here. The image of the door in blue trim and white paint shows up here because of the color but also shows up in Architecture section. Pealing paint, older and rusting equipment offer interesting studies in color.


U.S.A. - Sacramento, CA

U.S.A. – Sacramento, CA


bacon lettuce and tomatoes

U.S.A. – Sebastopol, CA Gravenstien Apple Festival


red white blue color

U.S.A. – Pleasant Hill, CA Curb Sides at Kaiser Hospital


Yellow Orange Blue

U.S.A. – Santa Rosa, CA
Car Show



U.S.A. – Sebastopol, CA
Gravensteins Apple Festival




U.S.A – Jamaica Plain, MA
Salt Crystals


signs of Jamaica Plain

U.S.A – Jamaica Plain, MA


Blue White

U.S.A – Peters Valley Craft Center, NJ


Indian corn

U.S.A – McMinnville


peeling paint

U.S.A – Tillamook, OR


Restaurant Coffee Service Set up

U.S.A – Sacramento, CA


orange pumpkins

U.S.A – McMinnville



U.S.A – McMinnville, OR

















30 Comments on “Color Studies

  1. Can’t explain exactly why, but just love the second photo (U.S.A. – Peters Valley Crafts Center) it’s mesmerizing!


    • Thank you. I too thought this was an interesting combination of “junk” found outside the black smith workshop. I was taking a photo course there and we were assigned to stay in a small area and look closely as we took photos. Also, thank you for spending so much time looking at the images in my blog.

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  2. I love the car show photo. Color studies are such a great way to organize our brains around a shoot—don’t you think? If we’ve chosen something it allows us to knock certain shots off the list immediately. In a world where there is so much beauty and so much to pay attention to, I find it refreshing to be shooting around a certain design principle. Nice work.


    • Thank you so much. I’m pleased you find them that way. The Peters Valley “Door” has always been one of my favorites. It returned recently to the location where it was made for an exhibition celebrating 50 years of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
      Thanks also for following my blog. I’m honored.

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