Rotting Tomatoes – Black and White

Rotting Tomatoes - Black and White

I’m experimenting with taking some of my high contrast color photos and transitioning them into grey scale. This is the first one I’m working with. I always welcome criticism and comments and particularly with this and future photos that I’ve transitioned.

6 Comments on “Rotting Tomatoes – Black and White

  1. I love working in B&W – for me, it leaves more of the potential narrative to the viewer’s imagination. Looking forward to seeing some more of your B&W!


      • I shoot in RAW and convert out of habit. That’s just from the digital photography course that I took though, and not a necessarily a personal setting preference. I’d be interested to see what comes up when I shoot in B&W- if there is any change.


      • That would be interesting to do. Since you are shooting RAW I can’t image there would be much difference from shooting color-less the color. I may try it as well.
        When I transitioned from color to grey scale I had to add quite a bit of orange and yellow to get a more dense black with less blue. I also had to increase the black and contrast.


      • That’s pretty interesting. I use Adobe’s Lightroom vs Photoshop, and haven’t messed with the color slides in the software to change to b&w colors. (That is to say when I convert, I use the b&w slides and highlights and shadows slides.) I’m curious to try something new!


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