Flying Across the Red Moon

Eclipse of the Moon, Healdsburg, CA, USA September 27, 2015

Eclipse of the Moon, Healdsburg, CA, USA
September 27, 2015


28 Comments on “Flying Across the Red Moon

    • elisa, thank you. It is strange how things change when taking an image with a slow speed – 6 seconds. That airplane traveled a quite a distance in that time period.

  1. Incredible good fortune, and not a little skill, Tim. I tried but my lens isn’t long enough and we had thin high cloud that made focussing difficult.

    • The 300mm lens seemed to work well. My cropped sensor is not the best for such a subject. It creates too much noise and it is difficult to focus. I realize this and accept these limitations. It is rare when I run up against an issue I can’t photograph. I can’t justify the cost or a new body. You work with what you’ve got.

      • I agree. In some ways I think that you get more out of limited equipment because you get to know it better. If I had multiple lenses I would never be able to decide which to use. I any case, changing the lens all the time, and you get dust on the sensor.

      • So true. I’ve really got one lens that I use all the time – Tamron 16 – 300 mm f3.5 to f5.6. It is a relatively slow lens but has good optics for the price. It replaced my Sigma 18 – 200 mm that I’ve had for six years. Expanding on both ends of the lens has been a real boon.It is a bit lighter and the new stabilization is much better.

      • Your Tamron lens sounds a very useful addition. My camera body has 5 axis stabilisation which is a boon and allows hand held exposures of half a second or better. Also very compact and light which is why I gave up my DSLR. It’s an Olympus OM-E M5.

      • Yes, the Tamron is a good lens for me – versatile. I see more photographers turning to the mirrorless cameras. (That is what you have right?) They seem to like them with the exception of the slow focus speeds. Light weight is getting more important to me. I’m striping down the contents of my camera bag to essentials only and carrying it so it rests on my backside rather than my right side. That seems to have less of a negative impact on my neck and shoulder.

      • Focus speed is very good and being able to shoot one handed was not possible with my DSLR, so wouldn’t go back to using it. A more versatile lens, like yours, would be a boon though.stil. Will only upgrade the body if they bring out a 24 mp version, though the latest iteration will take a 40mp image by combining exposures, but it will only work with static subject matter.

      • It appears that this is a camera I should be following. I have gotten a bit lazy with using a telephoto lens. I’d get more exercise by moving my feet instead of the focal barrel adjustment.

    • Thank you. Sometimes you just get lucky and have the right combinations come together. Someone asked me, “What is the main characteristic of landscape photographer?” I answered, “A good sense of depth.” The answer was patience. It may take days until the right combination of light and weather to get the perfect shot.

  2. I am by no mean even an amateur photographer so pardon the ignorance of my question…where you able to catch that strike across the moon by long exposure? it looks really interesting!

    • Yes, it was for 6 seconds. The camera was mounted on a tripod. The f stop was set at f/16 and the ISO at 800. The camera was set to manual and manual focus. I was shooting RAW. I hope that answers your question and has not added too much information.

      • That is great information! I have been playing on and off with my camera…I wish I had more time with it, since it is really fun to capture those moments. Your photography is amazing! God bless you!

      • You’re welcome. I would look at You Tube for more information on different types of photography. I find that it is a good learning source and it costs nothing. Best with all of you photographic endeavors and most importantly have fun.

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