CB&W Challenge Cars

Photographed at Peggy Sue's Cruise, Rhonert Park, CA, U.S.A. June 11, 2016

Photographed at Peggy Sue’s Cruise, Rohnert Park, CA, U.S.A. June 11, 2016

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      • Did you put a pingback to Cee’s site (specifically the one for this week? I don’t see you listed. And I expect Cee would have left a comment, too.


      • I don’t think tags or categories can work for this. One way to alert Cee is what I see you did – put a comment with your blog link in Cee’s post. The other way is to put the link to Cee’s page in *your* posting. When you do that, Cee will get a message (email, I guess) that your blog has a link to her’s (that is a ‘pingback’).


      • Rawls, thank you. I think I’ve got it. It’s not always clear where the link goes – in the tags, categories, subtitles or descriptions. It may not matter. I did get a reply from her this morning.


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