Just Born

Mother sheep and her newly born lamb.
The lamb was born minutes before our arrival. We were thrilled to watch this mother and her new baby interacting.

11 Comments on “Just Born

  1. The expression you caught on Mom’s face is precious, Tim. No babies her yet, but the does are blossoming out. I expect to see some young fawns in the next few weeks. –Curt

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    • Thank you Curt. I’ve got a photo of another sheep giving birth to her lamb. It shows just the left foot and part of the head emerging. I wasn’t sure if people would object. The bloody placenta is hanging out as the lamb is emerging. What are your thoughts, should I publish it.


      • I helped deliver calves as a kid, Tim. And I’ve watched them being born at the fair… plus piglets. And of course puppies and kittens. Wouldn’t bother me. But I didn’t know how squeamish your other followers are… Not much help, am I. 🙂

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      • I’ll check it out, Tim. And when the baby deer show up, there are always lots of photos. I haven’t see any being born yet. Mamas are pretty cautious. But we had a pair of twins born on our driveway last year. The doe must have been caught unaware. We came on right afterward and watched one of the little tykes stand up for the first time on very wobbly legs.

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      • I’ve still not decided on posting the photograph.
        It must have been very exciting to happen upon the baby struggling to stand. Great experiences.


      • And one of those times I didn’t have my camera with me, Tim! I noticed that you still hadn’t posted the photo. It’s a tough call. –Curt

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