Madeline Nieto Hope

Madeline Nieto Hope

One of the key volunteers for Jane Ingram Allen’s “For the Birds” project is Madeline Nieto Hope. She is a member of Gallery Route One and coordinates the Gallery’s Artist in Schools program. She has assisted in all aspects of Jane’s project. This includes getting nest material, engaging a key assistant, working in the school and providing transportation of the papermaking equipment and branches for the nests. Here she is shown at the local school helping the students learn to make small nests for the public art project. The project has taken place at West Marin School and at the Commons in Point Reyes Station, CA. A large nest in the Commons will be decorated with the handmade paper feathers on Sunday, September 22, 2013, 1- 4 PM. Also, feathered nests will be installed in trees along Route One in Point Reyes Station. The public art project “For the Birds” is sponsored by Gallery Route One and Lucid Art Foundation.

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