Beach in Black and White

Taken with a Neutral Density Filter to Slow Down the Shutter Speed Sonoma County Beach, California, U.S.A. January 6, 2018

Taken with a Neutral Density Filter to Slow Down the Shutter Speed Sonoma County Beach, California, U.S.A. January 6, 2018

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14 Comments on “Beach in Black and White

    • Thank you, Rawls.
      I don’t think it has a name but it might be Carmet Beach. It is the one you can get to by going north from Bodega Bay. It is a low point in the road and you don’t have to take steps down to it. There is pool of water from a small stream.
      I hope that you are cooling down. It’s been reported that the temperature in Sydney was 117 degrees. Ugh.

      • Maybe it is Salmon Creek beach. No matter. Great photo. And yes it was hot here – 107F. But only one day. Front came through in the afternoon and the temps dropped into the low 80s in less than an hour. Amazing.

      • It turns out to be Gleason Beach. I looked more closely.
        I’m glad that the weather cooled down. 107 is toooooooooo hot.

  1. Laughing about the wet feet. It happens so easy when your mind is otherwise occupied on the shore. We are lucky to have such a dramatic coast line for such photos, Tim. And it is interesting to render them in black and white. I always think that it can add an element of drama. –Curt

    • Curt I have water proof shoes but they do little good when the wave is higher than the tops. It’s part of the sacrifice we make. It did make it more challenging to walk up the steep hill from the beach to the parking lot.
      The day was overcast and b&w seemed to work best. In fact I had my camera jpeg setting to monochrome and the raw set to standard. That way I could see the b&w on my viewer. That helps me think in b&w.

      • And some of those hills (in fact, most of those hills) can be steep, short but steep. I always feel I am getting my exercise in, even under the best of circumstances. All of my black and whites are courtesy of photoshop, but I feel that there are photos that almost scream black and white when I see them. –Curt

    • They were not there. Too cold but not as cold as some places.
      I hope you’re not being bothered by the volcano. That can get really nasty.

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