Pink on Green


Lotus are very popular in Taiwan. These were in a stream that runs near the National Fine Arts Museum in Taichung.

10 Comments on “Pink on Green

      • But of course! I don’t know who doesn’t use some sort of post processing. Even Ansel Adams dodged and burned his photos in the darkroom.


      • Well, yes but sometimes I feel that the use of so sophisticated a software as NIK is fudging the results. It almost makes it too easy. Am I feeling guilty?


      • Absolutely not in my opinion. Honestly? It’s all art. Art has expanded just like it did when the camera was invented and didn’t have to draw or paint as much, or when the digital camera even came into being after film. Now there are more options to create art. I think it’s all about projecting what you see in your mind’s eye and in your heart that matters. How you get there really doesn’t matter.


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