Nesting White Heron Ready to Take Flight

Great White Heron getting ready to fly.
This is one of the many herons and egrets that are nesting at the W. 9th St. rookery in Santa Rosa, California.

12 Comments on “Nesting White Heron Ready to Take Flight

    • Thank you John. It’s very kind of you to say so. The Tamron 16-300mm lens does a great job. Also having the camera set to the burst shutter mode gives me a lot of images in very short period of time. I’ve read that the middle images in a burst are more likely to be in better focus than the beginning or the end of the burst.

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      • I use it to photograph rodeos, birds in flight, carnival rides and anything else that moves quickly. Coupled with a fairly high shutter speed it can catch a bull and ride in an un-blurred capture.

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      • Thanks for the link, Tim, your carnival photos are fantastic! I really admire your photo skills and could learn a lot from you!

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      • Thank you, John. I’ve been taking some courses from Matt Kloskowski. This year I finally decided to learn Photoshop. He’s an excellent teacher – well paced and thorough. I’m now taking the “Art of Editing Landscape” from Matt. Much of what he teaches in that class is good for this and other non-landscape photos. I’m not getting paid to promote his classes. LOL.
        Have a great evening and all the success to your photography.


  1. Wonderful shot of a magnificent bird. I like the contrast between the airy tail feathers and the strong, smooth wings. The tree appears to be eucalyptus.

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    • Thank you Mike. Yes it’s a eucalyptus. There are 2 large ones they roost in. These trees are thick and seem to give them more protection. It does make it more difficult to photograph the nest making.


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