House Finch

House finch bird
I’ve set up my camera to capture birds as they come to eat. I’m using a cover over my lens to block out any reflection from the window. The lens is about 5 inches from the bird. This creates some depth of field problems.

9 Comments on “House Finch

    • This new feeder without a plastic back really makes it possible to get a clear shot. I’d like a bit more light on the bird but if I use a reflector it block most of the view. I’d have to look through the lens to see if the bird was in the feeder. Suggestions at welcome.
      I’m also thinking about tethering my camera to the computer. I’d have to get a longer cable.


      • I haven’t done it, Tim but if your camera has bluetooth, you should be able to control it though your smart phone and preview your picture before taking it, thereby eliminating the cable and view problem. –Curt

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      • It worked. Now I have to wait for daylight to try it out on the feeder. I still have to manually set up the settings and focus but that’s okay. Thank you for the suggestion.


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